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Hey, I'm Amir , a multidisciplinary graphic designer who's passionate about creating impactful visual experiences. From branding, print and typography to web design and user interfaces, I love to explore the many facets of the field. With each project I take on, I strive to create designs that not only look great, but also connect with audiences and deliver a meaningfull message or a story. What I love most about graphic design is the ability to blend creativity with problem-solving, to find elegant solutions to complex challenges.


And when I'm not designing for clients, I'm exploring the wild and wonderful world of fantasy art. Whether it's ancient myths or modern fairy tales, I'm constantly inspired by the limitless possibilities of the genre. With digital art, I get to experiment and push boundaries, blending surrealistic ideas with current-day visuals in photoshop to create something totally unique. If you're a fan of the fantastical, come check out my digital art and join me on a journey into the great unknown!

Beach Community Hangout

Thanks for checking out my website.
For commissions and work orders please send :
reference images, backstory, and as much information as you can
about the topic of your choice to my email (the more details the better)

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